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A macOS menu bar app to display your GitHub notifications. See what happens in your repositories and organizsations without having to pull these information via the browser.

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How can I see my notifications?

You have to sign in with your GitHub credentials. You are then forwarded to authorize the app in your GitHub account.
You need to allow the app to access your account in order to see your notifications.

I don't see the notifications of the org I am part of?

You need to allow the app to access organisations your are part of separately. You can do this by requesting to auhtorize the app within your organisations.
This needs to be done by an administrator of the organisation.

How can I see the notification details?

Just click on the notification you want to view and your are redirected to the notification within your browser.

How do I see if there are new notifications without opening the app?

Your notifications are frequently updated. If you have received a new one the app icon shows an indicator.


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