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Simple workout tracker that lets you save your workouts and track your progress during your training. Moreover, you can set the pause time to have the appropriate time between your sets.

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Does LiftNote save my data?

LiftNote saves data only on your device.

Does LiftNote send my data over the internet?

No. LiftNote does not send your data over the internet. LiftNote saves data only on your device.

How can I create new workouts?

Tap the "+"-button in the bottom right corner in the workout overview.

How can I add new exercises?

Tap the "+"-button in the bottom right corner in the exercise overview.

How can I add more sets?

Tap the "Add set"-button on the exercise view.

How can I remove workouts, exercises or sets?

Tap the edit-icon in the top right corner to opne the editing view. Here you are presented with a list of all workouts, exercises or sets. Use the standard iOS swipe action to delete single components.

How can I adjust weight and repetitions?

You can either tap the "+"-/ "-"-button to adjust the weight or repetitions per set. This will increase/ decrease the repetitions by 1 and the weight by 2.5. You can also tap on the weight or repetitions. This will open a new view where you can adjust the value.

Can I change the default pause time?

Tap the "edit"-button in the pause screen to open the adjustment view.


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